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If you follow fun, misery follows you. If you follow knowledge, happiness follows you.
 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


When you trust somebody completely, without hesitation,  without holding back, there are two possible outcomes : you get a person for life, or a lesson for life.

Little Nemo cried himself to sleep again
He had begged
for his mother’s  love
but she had put him in place
for being needy

“It is the most loving thing I can do”, she explained
“You will understand one day”

Little Nemo visited dreamlands
looking for a princess
to save him with her love

But when he finally found this princess
he no longer believed
And soon enough she begged for his love
and he would put her in place
for being needy

“It is the most loving thing I can do”, he claimed.
“You will understand one day”

Little Nemo is no longer little
He sits in the green chair
cold and raging
drinking his wine

“How could this princess insinuate
that his love was not loving?
That would mean
that his mother had not loved him, too!”

And the story went sadder from there.

In the far-away land
the princess had cried herself to sleep
And in her sorrow she did not notice
the Monster on a killing spree.

And so somebody had to die
because Nemo had turned dreamlands into nightmares
and reality into delusions

The princess screamed in horror over what could no longer be undone
And then she whispered “I just love you”.

“And that is the most loving thing I can do”, she added.
“You will understand one day”


I lovingly accept that I am lovable enough to die for, just as I myself would die for the people I love.


I recognize your lack of understanding. I recognize your lack of care. I recognize your lack of compassion. I recognize your lack of belief in me.

I recognize I need to give it to myself.

Thank you for teaching me that lesson. ❤


Shine for the people you love.


Let the fireworks blow away your old pains and patterns tonight and welcome new and positive energies in your life



You don’t have to bring your heaviest feelings from 2016 into the new year. Leave them all behind! Here’s how:

Send love and care to those who were there for you in the year that passed, particularly yourself!

And forgive those who tried to harm you, including yourself.

♥  Happy renewal!  ♥


There are many types of calm:
– Calm like a sleepy pond on a lazy summer day.
– Calm like a cat resting in the sun.
– Calm like a lion hunting for prey.
– Calm like the sky behind a thunder storm.
– Calm like the center of a tornado.

Calmness as an internal state is for those who haven’t yet been in hell, or for those who already walked through it.

The definition of courage is going from defeat to defeat with enthusiasm.
 Winston Churchill

Squeeze the happiness button

Some people pursue happiness, others create it. Happiness isn’t an outside job, it’s an inside job.

But let’s find a shortcut!
Create your own happiness button that can be squeezed whenever you want to feel good! Do this by bringing in detailed memories of times you felt amazingly happy and really feel the happiness! While you think and feel through your memories, squeeze two fingers on one hand hard together, to lock the feeling of happiness into your body memory through these two fingers.  Also squeeze the same two fingers together every time you feel happy in the future – to accumulate more power in the two chosen fingers! The happiness button is now created! It’s that fast and that easy!

When you need to feel happier, simply squeeze the two fingers together again, and feel the happiness spreading!


There is one healthy thing smokers do that all people should learn – deep breathing. Try a few deep inhalations (preferably without poisonous fumes), and enjoy the relaxation.

What if?

What if you woke up tomorrow and was who you want to be?

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.
 Japanese Proverb

The first crow
to appear
talked to me for hours
wouldn’t leave

It wanted to be my messenger

I asked if it could to travel
Across the sea
bring a message
I  myself cannot give

«I release you»
«I forgive you»
«I love you»
«I wish you well»

The second crow
grasped my awareness
as I walked down the street
(I was weirded out by all these talking crows today)

It asked me to embark on a journey

I accepted
and was catapulted to the sky
higher and higher.
I wasn’t prepared

As I regained my balance
I looked down
and what I saw was this:
My body on the ground beneath me

Talking to a crow

Then I flew


Empathy and compassion

You say you understand other people’s feelings, that you have empathy.
But empathy without compassion is without value.

No one ever healed themselves by hurting another.


If a belief has been imposed on you and it doesn’t serve you, make it vanish by slowly altering it – day by day- into something worth believing in. 

There are four questions of value in life…
– What is sacred?
– Of what is the spirit made?
– What is worth living for, and
– What is worth dying for?
The answer to each is the same. Only love.
Johnny Depp


The walls we constructed to keep out sadness, also keeps out happiness.

Virtual jails

Don’t let anyone put you in virtual prisons, where you are told to wait for them. Such people are NEVER worth it. NEVER. Move on, and if you make yourself strong, they’ll come back, but that is when you need to consider closely if you want them due to knowing how they treated you before. Don’t let anyone imprison you by having you wait for them. Real love would never do that to a person. Never. Only egoism and lack of compassion can do that to another. Imagine if the roles were reversed, would you ever let anyone wait for you like that if you loved them? Put them through the agony of waiting? No, you’d make plans to create reality of your promises. You wouldn’t just create an illusion and keep others in the jail of that illusion. People doing that are not good people. And in the end they’ll ask you to apologize for crying over the time you lost or your reaction to being trapped in their illusion. These people are not good people, they do not care about you. They do not care about love. They do not care about unity. They only care about how they themselves look and feel, and when you are broken by their treatment, they’ll call you too broken to be with and leave you behind. Because they did not love YOU. They loved what you could do for them and what you could give them. Move on.


Fantasy is reality that faded away




Culture is not our friend.

Culture tells us to compete others and choose money, and encourages us to sacrifice our true spirits for work and repetition of daily routines, calling it to “think smart” when each and every one of us puts ourselves first, and see other people as consumer goods. “There is always somebody/something else out there, just move on”, they say and each and every time we leak our energy all over the place.

We leak our energy for money, career and people that we  think we need but don’t feel driven towards. We’re told we’re smart that way. We sacrifice passions, real connections and love to be “smart”.

“It’s easy, just move on from the things you truly want. The world is full of choices! Come on, don’t think, just move. (The cost of this transaction is 1 gram of your soul).  Don’t think, just move on and do what is “smart”.”

People choose things that aren’t important, like money, careers and safety, and thus sacrifice things that are important, like people they love, true passions and real joy. And we wonder why more and more people turn into lifeless shadows around us?

It’s as if culture has a straw into human souls that way, sucking us dry, so that we don’t notice it, not unlike the machines in the Matrix.

Don’t listen to culture, it will collapse soon, anyway. Systems always collapse, and probably again in your lifetime at least once. You shouldn’t hold on to what your culture tells is important, because everything you have in that realm can and will be taken from you. So choose right. Follow your inner spirit, and heal the world and yourself. It is the only safe bet these days, even if culture tells you otherwise. Culture lies. Real currency lies in connections and hearts and spirits. Don’t sell your soul.

Political correctness

I can more easily forgive a reactionary response given in a moment of heat, than a fake facade that was pretending to be my friend just because it wanted to achieve something.


With these three little words I set you free:

“I am sorry

With these three little words I set myself free:

“I forgive you”


Did you know that causes are consequences of consequences? Yes, that is right, consequences are causes. But the opposite is also true. What you do today is an effect of your past, but your past is also an effect of your future. Chaos is only chaos when it’s not absolute. There is no spoon.


One moment we may think we are the most important person in somebody’s life, the next moment we abruptly learn that they don’t even want to know us.

How come “love” has become a substitute for “want to have sex with for the time being, but after I no longer want to have sex with you, I don’t want to talk with you ever again”?

Isn’t it strange that the word “love” is used about somebody who has no other value in somebody’s life, if they aren’t sex objects for them?

They’ll keep family, friends –  even Facebook acquaintances – in their lives forever, but throw away – without hesitation – somebody they claimed to love above anyone?

No wonder the world is full of wars.


Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the dishonor of others. You’re strong enough to stand tall through their lies, and not sink to their level.



until you admit





People who don’t know the value of loyalty can never understand the cost of betrayal.

You are only as strong as your weakest friend.

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