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Letting go

Sometimes we have to let go of people in our lives, not because we want them gone, but because we realize that they have already let go of us,  – or maybe they never were there for us in the first place either.





controlling our fates

The ghost
of a burned bridge


Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.
 Salvador Dali

Duck life


People ask me all the time
They get intimidated


Ducks are different


Guilty of responsibility

Make no mistake – people will hurt you.

Make no mistake – the people hurting you are guilty, but you share a piece of the guilt cause you allowed the hurt to reach you.

Make no mistake – nobody is responsible for fixing the pain they caused you. It is you, and you alone who are responsible for fixing yourself.

Make dreams into plans

As long as it doesn’t interfere with other people, keep an uncompromising relationship with your plans, dreams and goals.

Misery on repeat

Humans often insist on doing over and over again what harmed them before. As if doing it again would pardon their first mistake?

Who you are

DO NOT take anything personally.

If you do, you risk becoming what they say you are, or what they make you feel like or worse; fear you are. Correct their views or actions in a calm way if you can, but never be upset with their response. If you take their opinions or actions to heart, they have already changed you in the direction of  what they believe you are or wish you were. For better or worse.

Don’t be what people tell you that you are. Be what you are. Or change, if you no longer want to be what you have become.

Love is strength

Treat  people so well that they easily can find the strength to move on from you.

Treat them so well they will not want to.

Don’t follow the war drum unless you know where you are going

And again they will ask you to fight something or somebody. Fight the government. Fight the media. Fight the banks. Fight the president. 

Do not listen. Do not ever fight against someone of something no matter how bad they are.

Fight for something.

Only for.

If you fight against something or somebody, without having an idea about what should replace it, you will create chaos. And chaos is worse than any oppressive order.

Chaos is a ladder. For psychopaths. Do not fight against ideas, institutions, people, roles. Fight for ideas, people, roles only.

Don’t fight against somebody or something together with all the others hating on the present state of affairs, unless most of you agree on what to replace it with.

Do not be just another useful idiot for those who have an agenda. Rather get your own agenda, and then fight for it.

Wake up. Find your values. Or continue to destroy anything with meaning by running around in hoards destroying the old and replacing it with chaos. Wake up to having real opinions, real values. Be for something. Not against.


Let others learn their own lessons.

Don’t force anyone to the right path, but also never forget to point them to it, if you see it. Let them choose their path, even if they choose the wrong path. 

Lessons can only be learned when people feel free. Only then will they assume responsibility and truly learn.



Look to the future and there are infinite possibilities.

Look to the past and it was all finite.

Things we start

We seem to always be in the middle of things we start.


Do not revive the ashes of the past, but keep the flames alive.

Control is the opposite of love

Don’t let others control your happiness.


When someone is down and out, they may seem narrow-minded and annoying, but encourage them to start climbing.

Once they reach a bit higher up the mountain side, they’ll have a totally different view.

And the deeper the valley or the higher the mountain, the bigger the contrast will be.

Happy climbing! 🙂

Suffering is optional

Pain is a sign it’s time to love yourself and others more.

That way pain will not become suffering.


If you can feel it, then you can heal it.

The friendship that can come to an end, never really began.
 Publilius Syrus

Good and evil

Good people base their intentions on love and seek freedom for all.

Bad people base their intentions in fear and seek power and control.


People who believe their own lies will hurt you if you explain them the truth.

Reality 2

Our perception is the channel between reality and our experience of reality.

Learning how to correctly perceive reality without too much distortion – discernment – is the key to acting on reality – within and without – in a useful way.


We perceive everything around us and within us with a hint of distortion. Some with a lot of distortion.

This means, that the ordinary reality we see is not real – it is a perceived reality.

Our perceptions create the reality we see around us, and that is why people see so different realities so often, for better or for worse. This is true for all of us, no matter how developed we are.

If you follow fun, misery follows you. If you follow knowledge, happiness follows you.
 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


When you trust somebody completely, without hesitation,  without holding back, there are two possible outcomes : you get a person for life, or a lesson for life.


I lovingly accept that I am lovable enough to die for, just as I myself would die for the people I love.


I recognize your lack of understanding. I recognize your lack of care. I recognize your lack of compassion. I recognize your lack of belief in me.

I recognize I need to give it to myself.

Thank you for teaching me that lesson. ❤


Shine for the people you love.


Let the fireworks blow away your old pains and patterns tonight and welcome new and positive energies in your life


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