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A window to your past

– Hi!
– How are you?
 I had a vision. I saw your karma
– Wow! Mine? Tell me about it!
– I can’t tell you. You have to tell me first
– Tell you?
– Yes, tell me.
– Tell you what?
– You know what to tell me. Just do it.
– I love you
– I know. I love you, too.
– OMG!! We never talked before! I have a girlfriend! What’s going on here?
– It will be ok. I think it is linked to the karma I saw. Besides, you haven’t done anything wrong yet. Just don’t flirt with me more now.

– OK. So can you tell me about the karma now?
– Yes! It goes like this: 4000 years ago we were lovers. You met me when you travelled far, far from home, to Egypt. You thought I had the perfect body, the perfect mind, the perfect spirit and you thought I was the perfect match for you. You wanted me, and you promised to move to Egypt and be with me as my husband. And so I gave myself to you.
Then time came for you to go back to your home country, to arrange things there before returning to me. You said you would come back, but the long jouney tired you and changed you, and you forgot the feeling that had made you promise to return, and you betrayed me. You rationalized it to yourself: “Should I, the mighty person I am,  give up my kingdom for a woman? An Egyptian woman, so far away? There are so many women. Why make this one special?”
But you couldn’t stop thinking of me, and so you decided you should replace me – find a woman to love from your own lands, and you sent your servants to find a woman like me. And your servants brought you women.
But either you didn’t like their looks, and punished your servants for it, or the women disappointed you otherwise, and you punished them. Most weren’t as aware and developed as you found me, or their spirit wasn’t as bright, or you didn’t feel as in love nor as loved as with me. And then you degraded the women, you told them they were without value,  you abused them. One woman after the other was hurt or destroyed as you got bored or angry with them for not being me, and you moved on to the next, as if they weren’t humans with feelings, but objects that were expected to awaken feelings in you, or else they were to be trashed.
Back in Egypt, I was crushed after your betrayal. But you ignored my letters, ignored me, and kept crushing new women, as they invariably failed to make you feel as you had felt with me. And so, by trying to replace me, you doomed yourself to seeking without ever finding again. For 4000 years, your soul has been searching for the right woman, never finding her. You have been forever dissatisfied with the ones you are with.
And now we meet for the first time in 4000 years! And that is why you say you love me without having met me before, without knowing what I look like, my age or even my name. Your soul remembers.
You have the option to heal your karma now, and avoid another 4000 years of pain.

– Stange. Somehow I feel like I remember this. It resonates with something in me.  And another thing that is true, I seem to never find the one. This feels so crazy.
– Yes. For me, too. 

– Does this mean I have to be with you, now? I’m confused.
– Haha! I don’t know what more it means. I don’t even know who you are!  I think it all just means you have a chance to fix your karma finally, or you may hurt more. I guess it is up to you to know how to proceed, I don’t know. 
– But isn’t this your karma as well?
– I don’t really know. To me it seemed to be mostly yours, though my soul still hurts from the betrayal, and so whatever you do, whatever happens between us, I think you shouldn’t lie to me or hurt me in this life again. I will not survive more pain. I had so much.

– Oh, I wouldn’t hurt you or treat you like that man did! That is not how I am. I am a man of honor. I wouldn’t harm you nor betray you if it came to that.
– That’s what you said 4000 years ago, too…

– I promise I won’t. And now I have to figure out how to leave my girlfriend.
– What? No! Don’t leave her! I don’t know you, and I’m not sure I want to talk again.
– Yes, but even if I’m not seeing you ever again, how can I be with another woman, knowing my soul loves you?
– Omg, I’m so sorry.
– Bye. Maybe we will talk again?
– Maybe. Bye.

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