Don’t let anyone put you in virtual prisons, where you are told to wait for them. Such people are NEVER worth it. NEVER. Move on, and if you make yourself strong, they’ll come back, but that is when you need to consider closely if you want them due to knowing how they treated you before. Don’t let anyone imprison you by having you wait for them. Real love would never do that to a person. Never. Only egoism and lack of compassion can do that to another. Imagine if the roles were reversed, would you ever let anyone wait for you like that if you loved them? Put them through the agony of waiting? No, you’d make plans to create reality of your promises. You wouldn’t just create an illusion and keep others in the jail of that illusion. People doing that are not good people. And in the end they’ll ask you to apologize for crying over the time you lost or your reaction to being trapped in their illusion. These people are not good people, they do not care about you. They do not care about love. They do not care about unity. They only care about how they themselves look and feel, and when you are broken by their treatment, they’ll call you too broken to be with and leave you behind. Because they did not love YOU. They loved what you could do for them and what you could give them. Move on.