Culture is not our friend.

Culture tells us to compete others and choose money, and encourages us to sacrifice our true spirits for work and repetition of daily routines, calling it to “think smart” when each and every one of us puts ourselves first, and see other people as consumer goods. “There is always somebody/something else out there, just move on”, they say and each and every time we leak our energy all over the place.

We leak our energy for money, career and people that we  think we need but don’t feel driven towards. We’re told we’re smart that way. We sacrifice passions, real connections and love to be “smart”.

“It’s easy, just move on from the things you truly want. The world is full of choices! Come on, don’t think, just move. (The cost of this transaction is 1 gram of your soul).  Don’t think, just move on and do what is “smart”.”

People choose things that aren’t important, like money, careers and safety, and thus sacrifice things that are important, like people they love, true passions and real joy. And we wonder why more and more people turn into lifeless shadows around us?

It’s as if culture has a straw into human souls that way, sucking us dry, so that we don’t notice it, not unlike the machines in the Matrix.

Don’t listen to culture, it will collapse soon, anyway. Systems always collapse, and probably again in your lifetime at least once. You shouldn’t hold on to what your culture tells is important, because everything you have in that realm can and will be taken from you. So choose right. Follow your inner spirit, and heal the world and yourself. It is the only safe bet these days, even if culture tells you otherwise. Culture lies. Real currency lies in connections and hearts and spirits. Don’t sell your soul.