“God, I want an alien»
“but you aren’t ready, my son»
«Let me prove I am»
begged the man
«but if you fail, she may be mortal, too»
warned God.
«I am a man of honor»
said the man
«I will keep her safe»

And so God let him meet her.

And she said
«I love you»

And the man was happy.

But soon he felt doubt
and it saddened her
So he got angry with her hurt
and she felt scared
then he was offended
with her fear
and destroyed her

God said
«but I saw you, my son
you pretended to be a man of honor
to win her heart
a heart that loved you dearly
then you tortured her
to get rid of her
so you no longer had to see the pain you had created
you did all this evil
to one of my creatures
just like I expected from a human being.
And now she is infected, too.

Do you have anything to say for yourself?»

«I felt bad»
said the man

And God said
«and after destroying her
do you feel better?»

«I do»
said the man

And God said
«so this is why earth is hell
and this is why still
you are mortal»