The little brother (or sister) of the Ego is the Shadow. While the Ego is our good child, the Shadow is our defiant child.

The Ego will inevitably fail at creating meaningful success, no matter how well-intentioned, as it’s understanding of the divine reality it often tries to create is too limited. When nothing works as the Ego planned, and everything is chaos, the Shadow comes out to destroy anything that was perceived as stopping the Ego’s (misplaced) efforts, normally using methods totally opposing the Ego’s ideals. With that, the Shadow eliminates all chances of success as the Ego sees it, and the only option is to escape or suffer, unless the adult of the psyche – the Self – takes over and cleans up the mess.

❤ But remember, both kids did their best, also today. Give them a hug. They both need love, particularly after such a day. ❤