History has taught us many times that the dreams and nightmares of our leaders become reality. Possible consequences are used as excuses for causes. Before anything even happens. And thus the consequences are inevitable.

We need leaders who dare to dream up a positive future. We need to get rid of the leaders who have nightmares of fears and disasters.

Dreams and nightmares in our lives come true, because of what we say. So also dreams for the planet.

By changing our visions, we change our lives and the lives of everybody.

Change your nightmares for beautiful dreams! Or face nightmares created in reality.

On a large scale, and also in our private homes this is true. Dream good things for good things to happen. Why don’t we know this yet? WAKE UP, leaders and LEAD.

History isn’t linear. Causes become consequences as much as consequences become causes. We get what we ask for. WAKE UP leaders and LEAD.