Humans have created tribal groups out of necessity since the dawn of humanity, and humans have developed strong bonding mechanisms that make us want to form and be loyal to families, groups, close ones.

We feel these tribal bonds as our “souls” and as unconditional love, I think. They are the instincts that make us jump into fire to save somebody.

As modern society develops, humans seem to need these bonds less and less for survival, and if I am not mistaken, I more and more often hear people list narcissistic reasons for relating. “(s)he makes me look good, so I need to date him/her”, “how my kids perform reflects on me, so I have to make sure they behave”, “my friends aren’t so useful for me, and I guess I could get more from other people, so I consider changing friends”.

What happens if bonding instincts no longer are the glue that keeps us together? Will we all be psychopaths feeding on each other? Or will we be happier and freer without bonds holding us back from living our individual lives?